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We are manufactures of light gauge Cee section steel buildings, steel sheds, steel garages, mot stations, a full range of steel roofing sheets and structural sections
were not just the middle men who simply buy the components and errect we actually manufacture the complete building
The steel columns and cladding rails
The steel rafters and roof purlins
The roofing sheets and liners several colours
The wall cladding several profiles and colours
The flashings and trims
The gutters
The roller shutter doors
The struts,brackets ,wind bracings
More or less the lot
we are based in Newcastle Tyne & Wear and would be happy to give you a quotation for any steel building,steel shed or garrage
please call 0191 2672900 for a price

photos to the right are of structural steel building being errected, to hold the photo move your mouse over the photo
Keeping construction time to a minimum; Steel Macarno buildings are just the job. One of the greatest costs in constructing any building is the time it takes to get the job done. First one has to have the site surveyed and then the foundations have to be dug and those have to be signed off before the concrete is poured. Then the bricks have to be laid, then the services are going to come and chase into the walls so that conduit and pipes can be laid, then the roof guys are going to arrive and then the Glaziers and so it goes on. If one is lucky one manages to get a reasonably simple building done in only twice the time one budgeted for and the un-budgeted cost over runs are kept to within 20% of total expenditure. By and large it is usually much worse. There are going to be snags found with the foundations which were not the diggers fault so one has to absorb that and of course the whole schedule is put out so you have idle workers on site who have to be paid even if there is no work for them yet. Now all of this may be perfectly normal and it is sadly one of the reasons that the construction industry gets a bad name. Undoubtedly the worst example of a project running over budget and over time was Wembley Stadium. This to England's undying shame went on and on and it took 7 years to construct and cost nearly double what was first proposed. In addition snags and glitches delayed the hand over a whole year and it wasn't ready until the FA Cup final of 2007. But there are other glaring horror stories, The Millennium Dome and of course the Millennium Bridge crossing from St Paul's to the Tate Modern all of which were far from perfect. Amazingly enough coming in on time and on Budget in a big project can happen; Terminal 5 at Heathrow which is the largest free standing structure in Britain. But if one needs a small warehouse or factory, garage or the like erected on an industrial site then the employment of a Macarno steel building may be just the thing you need. A frame constructed of galvanized high tensile steels id constructed using Cee section or Z section roll formed members. Onto this the lightweight cladding is bolted. Because everything is prefabricated a relatively straightforward building suitable for a MOT centre or a small workshop can be assembled in just a few days of arrival on site. The structures themselves are sturdy and weatherproof and, being galvanised will not rust, thus will be standing an serving its purpose for a good long time. One doesn't have to think very hard as to where these types of building can be deployed. There are any number of small factory sites where a lightweight steel structure can be gainfully deployed to provide and additional rent producing building.

steel buildings steel shed start errection fitting purlins fitting the cladding rails roofing z  purlins roof purlins roofing purlins roof purlins roof zed purlins roof being fitted steel cladding being fitted finished steel shed

The Advantages Of rollformed steel Cee section buildings

Galvinised Steel cee & zed sections are a major part of our light guage steel framed buildings we manufacture the steel sections from high tensile steel to
BSEN 10147:1992 FE 450G Z275 NAC TO BS EN 10147 Pre hot dipped galvanized to 10147:1995.Z275 coating which is rollformed into
cee or zed shape structural sections, we use the steel cee sections for both the columns and roof rafters and we use fabricated brackets and plates for bolted joints
and conections, the steel sections can also be used as roof purlins and cladding rails, they are all very strong for their weight.
different shaped rolled sections have different structural properties and strengths which is why every building is designed to use the most efficient sections for the building size,
this helps us give the best price for any given building size.
We manufacture several profiled roofing and cladding sheet profiles in plastisol or polyester coatings,they come in all the standard corus colours,
Roller shutter doors can either be plain galvinised steel or coloured to match the side wall cladding,our personell doors are top quality security type which are painted standard grey
or can be painted to your special order
macarno steel buildings are designed to your requirements they can have an eaves height upto 6 meters and span of upto 18 meters depending on design loadings

About Us

We are an industrial roofing and structural steel manufacturer based in newcastle tyne & wear , we are a family run business and have been in the industrial roofing business for nearly 30 years , we have manufactured the associated building products for 20 years, during this time we have gained a wealth of knowledge within the industry and we use this knowledge to give a compete profesional service We manufacture steel structural sections for roofs and walls such as roof purlins i.e galvinised steel zed purlins, galvinised steel z purlins, galvinized steel cee purlins, galvinised steel c purlins, galvinized steel eaves beams and associated products We also manufacture a full range of roof panels, roofing sheets and cladding materials including a full range of accessories such as flashings and rain water goods. Our delivery service is throughout the UK and in most cases we can manufacture and deliver within days.
If you need an urjent same day or next day purlin or roof sheet delivery please call 07714144488 and speak to me direct and i will do my best to help